Ready for "II Congreso Suroccidental de Software Libre"

This friday is the II South-West Congress of Free Software and Open Source here in Colombia. The congress will be in a little town called Roldanillo, in the state of Valle del Cauca. Many people from free software users groups of the Country will assist to this event. The GLUC is one of the most important LUGs in the south-west of Colombia, and we will have a big presence for this congress. There are eight speeches by members of our group. One of these speeches will be given by me, it is called “Introducción a la Plataforma de Desarrollo Mono” (Introduction to the Mono Development Platform). I am excited about this, but nervous too, I never have given a speech in a big event like this congress.

By other side, the Mono Study Group is working very well. These saturday we had a very productive day, Oscar talk us about Delegates and Events in C#, a very interest feature of this language. All the group agreed with my idea of begin a tutorial about GTK# similar to the C# one. It start today, and I will lead it. I’m studying very hard for this.

I am finishing the first chapter of GTK# tutorial adapted from PyGTK. I think that I can use that for the Gtk# tutorial for the Mono Study Group.


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