Get disciplined with the web log

Has been almost 20 days since my last post. I have been very undisciplined with my web log. Today I have reflected and I will get back to the discipline.

Here is the summary of what happen in these undocumented days:

These days the students of the University of Cauca have declared permanent assembly. We are protesting because the 2566 decree, which has a terrible issues for the public education here in Colombia. We start an indefinite clase cease.

On the Mono side, I will start to translate a PyGTK tutorial to GTK#. I will do this with Camilo Uribe, a member of the Linux Users Group of the Distrital University – GLUD. I hope we can early finish the work and put our sand granite to the Mono project and Mono Hispano community.

I will also start to learn more about XML Schema and the GnomeCanvas Library. That is because I am thinking in contribute to the MonoUML project making a system for having visualizations independent uml widget clases. All this is too hard, but I really want to contribute this project.

Weeks ago, we started a Mono Study Group in the GLUC. We are starting with a C# little course taught by Oscar Andrés López, a member of our group. I hope that, in a time, this will make a great Mono development community inside our LUG.


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